Trough the ages the suits has changed, from frock coat to lounge suit.

And now the suit is going to evolve once again. No longer a single colour 2 piece worn by business men. Today the suit exist out of multiple colours and durable sustainable fabrics. Your suit is a comfortable part of your attire in which you can distinguish yourself.



My interest in style, tailoring and fabrics started early on. 9 years ago I started my training under master tailor Guido Vanpoucke and have been tailoring ever since. My challenge is to create a contemporary look out of century old tradition. I search for patterns of  20th century tailor houses and translate them into modern designs.

A jaquet, a queue de pie, a redingote, a spencer, a pair of golf trousers, a raglan, none of them can be found anymore in our wardrobes. A croisé, a col châle, an upright collar, a martingale words we no longer know the meaning of. But they are unmissable in Erwan Tailleur's vocabulary. 


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